kick in the dick


Urban Dictionary: kick in the dick

An disappointment after having wasted a lot of effort on something.

Urban Dictionary: Ain’t that a kick in the dick

A saying for when something shitty happens. When something is an oxymoron/ ironic.

Urban Dictionary: kicked it in the dick

to have excelled at or to triumphed within and action or calling.

TFS – Vegeta’s Dick – YouTube

This is a clip from TFS Movie: Cooler 2: The Return of Coolers RevengeTheReckoning Video …

TFS – Vegeta and Goku get hit in the D***! – YouTube

Vegeta: He keeps kicking me in the dick….why….WHY DOES HE KEEP KICKINGME IN DA …

Kick da dick – YouTube

little bro kicks his tick tak balls.

Kick in the dick – YouTube

Kick in the dick.

Kick you in the dick – YouTube

Man In the Crowed Yelled Kick him in the dick during UFC matchDuration: 0: 13. J …

Kick in Dick – YouTube

Kissing PrankHOT Bikini GirlsPRANKS GONE WRONG (KICKED IN BALLS) Kissing …

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